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shati khatun
Jun 22, 2022
In Business Forum
Having principles and defending certain values ​​was something that was associated with certain specific brands and certain types of companies. Consumers were demanding with this type of companies from which they usa phone list and took for granted that they would have certain values ​​and certain positions in life, but they were not so demanding with companies in a usa phone list general way. Companies were not required such a commitment from the outset, beyond the fact that they were not evil. The companies showed from time to time that they were connected with the times by doing some of those corporate social responsibility activities that look so good in the press releases and thus it was possible to comply with what was expected of them. But things have changed, possibly because consumers have changed. One of those traits that were given as a differential element of millennials - when the generation burst into the consumer environment and their interests began to become much more crucial than ever - was the fact that for these consumers, companies usa phone list no longer simply meet one day a year to fill your RSC quota. Now they wanted companies to have values, to defend them and to be increasingly involved in the times and usa phone list connected with the usa phone list moment in which they had lived. Companies have suddenly had to learn to have principles and values ​​and live according to them. Millennials have demanded them, but now it has become more of a requirement of the times. And this implies not only that the structure of companies change and that they outline very well what they want and how they are going to do it, as well as the impact that this will have on the world around them. It has also changed the rules of the game for its top managers. Today's star CEO is no longer the genius who turns everything he touches into gold, the creative King Midas who ruled at the end of the 20th century. The CEO is now expected to have an opinion and usa phone list it with the world. The CEO has to be somewhat political. The era of the principled CEO That's what the latest Edelman Trust Barometer has shown, looking at how usa phone list expect CEOs to behave. The study has been done on a US sample, but the data is very relevant because it can be easily extrapolated to other markets, especially European ones. According to the study's conclusions and based on what consumers say, managers not only have to have opinions but also act accordingly. 64% of those surveyed say that the CEO has to lead the change. They do not believe that those responsible for companies should wait for governments and public administrations to tell them to do something.
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shati khatun

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